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Hello and welcome to Patina Queen.  Growing up on the coast of North Carolina I spent my childhood combing the beaches for sea treasures to take home and re-purpose. My first earrings were designed out of old fishing lures and shells that my dad helped me create. Being near the ocean and surrounded by beautiful, weathering cottages and old salt rusted signs always brought a sense of calm and inspiration.

Fast forward a few decades and not a lot has changed. I still live at the beach and now spend my time manipulating metals, gently nudging them in one direction or another in an attempt to re-create some of Mother Nature's handiwork I love so much. What a joy, to turn a passion into a career!


There's always a lot going on in the Patina Queen studio. I currently offer handmade jewelry as well as hand finished supplies for other artists to incorporate into their work.  As a published designer, I also spend my time creating tailored pieces for magazines, custom work for boutiques and galleries and collections for costume designers for TV and film. I also love to participate in local art shows here in NC so come on out and see me! Thank you so much for stopping by my lil' corner of the world. I hope you find a treasure here to call your own. 


XOXO, Heather 

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