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Current wholesale pricing is 50% off retail.  All orders can be placed through email. Mix and match with a minimum of $200. Please send your order to Heather at and an invoice will be generated for you through PayPal.  Don't forget to include your resale license number/tax ID. Looking forward to your order!

French hook ear wire - 22mm - hand antiqued brass: 60 pairs.....$15.00

French hook ear wire - 22mm - stainless steel: 60 pairs.....$15.63

Locking leverback - 18mm - hand antiqued brass: 30 pairs.....$15.00

Paddle headpin - 2 inch - 22 gauge - hand antiqued brass: 200.....$20.00

Connector bar - 33mm - 15 gauge - hand antiqued brass: 200.....$25.00

Shepherd hook/figure eight set - 16mm/12mm - hand antiqued brass: 30 sets.....$12.50

Round ring - 15mm - hand antiqued brass: 50 grams/200 rings.....$17.50

Oval cat eye connector - 12mm x 6mm - hand antiqued brass: 40 grams/300 connectors.....$17.50


**NEW ITEMS BELOW for 2016** 


Eye pins - 20 gauge - 49mm - hand antiqued brass: 200......$20.00 

3mm rings - 21 gauge - hand antiqued brass: 24 grams/1,040 rings......$24.00

5mm rings - 19 gauge - hand antiqued brass: 60 grams/900 rings.....$26.25

7mm rings - 16 gauge - hand antiqued brass: 120 grams/600 rings......$30.00

Hammered bar connectors - 29mm - hand antiqued brass: 60......$25.00

Propellers - 24mm - hand antiqued: 64......$24.00

Pendulum charms - hand antiqued brass: 60......$22.50 


*most items are sold by weight, so the amount of the item that's listed next to the weight is an estimate.  I do however add a few extra just in case. Example...40g/300 connetors means you will recieve 40g, which equates to roughly 300 connectors.  



USPS flat rate priority S&H charges will be applied to invoice.  Most orders take 10 days to process prior to shipping.